Elementary Students Fight Cancer at Relay Recess

 Students and faculty at Riverview Elementary are fighting back against cancer with education, fundraising, and games, including a sumo wrestling contest. The school is participating in the American Cancer Society’s new fundraising program, Relay Recess.  Designed for elementary schools to learn about the Society’s patient programs and services and raise funds for the Society, Relay Recess gives students an opportunity to incorporate physical activity while learning about cancer prevention and early detection.

“Students have fun while they raise money for the American Cancer Society,” said Kara Philips, community manager for the Society. “They learn how the money they raise can help a patient to get to and from treatment through Road to Recovery, help a patient find a place to stay while receiving treatment at Hope Lodge, or how the money can help young cancer survivors pay for college through the Society’s college scholarship program.”

Third Grader Delaney Fields is participating in Relay Recess and knows first-hand how hard it is to fight cancer. “A couple of people in my family have had cancer,” Delaney said. “It’s not easy for family members or the people who have had it.  It’s just important to raise awareness and make sure that everybody knows how to stop it and cure it.”

Students at Riverview have set a goal to raise $6,000 for the Society. Their goal has an entertaining outcome for them, sumo wrestling between teachers during their event on Wednesday, April 25, at 2:00 pm, Riverview Elementary, 21550 W. 47th Street, Shawnee, Kan.

“My goal is at least $50 for it because my Mimi has had it, so that was a pretty good goal for me,” said Delaney.

The Relay Recess program provides students, teachers, and administrators the opportunity to become superheroes in their own communities by celebrating people who have battled cancer, remembering loved ones lost, and fighting back against a disease that has taken too many lives.

The Relay Recess program also engages elementary school students in the fight against cancer through fundraising activities that support cancer programs and services in every community. In addition, it gives students the chance to get out of the classroom and have fun with entertainment and activities that reinforce what they have learned. Because the program is so flexible, it is different at every school and is an excellent opportunity to showcase unique qualities about your school and your community.

For more information on Relay Recess, contact Kara Phillips at 816.218.7184 or Kara.Philips@cancer.org.