Road to Recovery Volunteer Spotlight- Beverly Sharp

When asked about her experience volunteering with the Road To Recovery program, Beverly Sharp has nothing but good things to say about it. “It’s a joy. It really is.”

Beverly has been volunteering for Road To Recovery for about a year now, and she has had many wonderful experiences. After retiring and moving to the Kansas City area, Beverly was introduced to the program through her daughter who is also a Road volunteer.

Beverly not only loves meeting and getting to know the people she drives, but also the rewarding feeling and immediate satisfaction that comes along with helping someone. They are always so appreciative and have such positive outlooks remarks Beverly.

“I’m so blessed” says Beverly, who considers it a personal responsibility to help others who are not as fortunate as she is. She also comments on the possibility that, someday, she may need the program. “Most of us are so blessed to be able to hop in the car and go wherever and do whatever.” But what if you were suddenly unable to do that? That concept spurs Beverly on.

Beverly is passionate about the Road To Recovery program and encourages others to volunteer. It fits easily in schedules and the time is well spent. If you would like to volunteer for Road To Recover, or find out more information on other American Cancer Society volunteer opportunities, visit or call 816.842.7111. Together we can make the road to recovery smoother.


Road to Recovery Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Grint

Teresa Grint has been volunteering with the American Cancer Society for our Road To Recovery program for three years- and she loves it. Teresa first found out about Road To Recovery after her son-in-law, Adam, was diagnosed with cancer. While Adam had much support from his wife, family, and friends, he was still informed about the program and told that if he ever needed assistance getting to and from treatment appointments, the Society was here to help.

Having retired, Teresa knew she would like to spend her time volunteering and giving back. After seeing the support and help the Society gave to her son-in-law, Teresa knew this was how she wanted to give back. She got online and searched for volunteer opportunities the American Cancer Society had to offer and came across the Road To Recovery program.

The rest is history. Teresa now spends her free time taking cancer patients to and from treatment. She loves how the program is flexible and can fit around her schedule. It’s not hard at all, she says. Teresa has even talked to her friends about joining the program.

According to Teresa, “It’s a no brainer”, commenting on how she would feel if she were the one sick and without means of transportation. Some of Teresa’s favorite moments are when she gets to drive a cancer patient to their last appointment. She has even taken cupcakes and flowers! “It really is a celebration.”

Teresa has not only been a helpful ride to many people in the past three years, but she has also been a friend. Someone they could talk to and lean on. If you would like to volunteer with the Road To Recovery program call 816.842.7111 or visit Be someone’s driver on their road to recovery.

Coaches vs. Cancer 3-Point Attack

BL2_5767Hey Mizzou basketball fans! You can help fight back against cancer with Coach Haith from the University of Missouri during the Coaches vs. Cancer 3-Point Attack.

Watch this video and join in on the fight against cancer!